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Nightwing and Starfire - Eternal Love by Robin250 Nightwing and Starfire - Eternal Love by Robin250
Hello everyone!  I spent all Sunday and Monday night on this, and I just got a new set of colored pencils, so you'll forgive me if Starfire's head seems more darkly colored than the rest of her body.  Anyway, here is the Valentine's Day Special!!  

After one of Batman's contingency plans to neutralize the Justice League was intercepted by Vandal Savage, and used against them, Nightwing and the Titans helped in what was one of the League's hardest battles, stopping Savage's Legion of Doom from destroying half the world's population.  As a reward, Nightwing and the Titans joined the League, but Batman, in lieu of the Vandal Savage incident, quit.  

Concerned that his surrogate father was arrogant enough not to stop himself, Dick confronted Bruce to make sure of this, but Bruce reassured him before heading back to Gotham.  That was when Starfire, concerned about her boyfriend, approached, and asked if they could have some time off from the Justice League.  Nightwing agreed, and decided to settle for a place to settle down in Upstate New York.  Yet that was when he also got on one knee and finally proposed to Starfire.  Overly excited, Starfire instantly accepted and pulled her fiance for a deep and passionate kiss.  

This one was also a bit hard, since I've been so busy working, I havent had time to draw, so it may seem a bit off in terms of head proportions.  But overall, I hope you all enjoy it!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Disclaimer:  Nightwing and Starfire belong to DC Comics, Marv Wolfman and George Perez.  Dick Grayson belongs to DC Comics, Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  


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February 14
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