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Nightwing and Starfire - Eternal Love
Hello everyone!  I spent all Sunday and Monday night on this, and I just got a new set of colored pencils, so you'll forgive me if Starfire's head seems more darkly colored than the rest of her body.  Anyway, here is the Valentine's Day Special!!  

After one of Batman's contingency plans to neutralize the Justice League was intercepted by Vandal Savage, and used against them, Nightwing and the Titans helped in what was one of the League's hardest battles, stopping Savage's Legion of Doom from destroying half the world's population.  As a reward, Nightwing and the Titans joined the League, but Batman, in lieu of the Vandal Savage incident, quit.  

Concerned that his surrogate father was arrogant enough not to stop himself, Dick confronted Bruce to make sure of this, but Bruce reassured him before heading back to Gotham.  That was when Starfire, concerned about her boyfriend, approached, and asked if they could have some time off from the Justice League.  Nightwing agreed, and decided to settle for a place to settle down in Upstate New York.  Yet that was when he also got on one knee and finally proposed to Starfire.  Overly excited, Starfire instantly accepted and pulled her fiance for a deep and passionate kiss.  

This one was also a bit hard, since I've been so busy working, I havent had time to draw, so it may seem a bit off in terms of head proportions.  But overall, I hope you all enjoy it!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Disclaimer:  Nightwing and Starfire belong to DC Comics, Marv Wolfman and George Perez.  Dick Grayson belongs to DC Comics, Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  
Hey everybody!! Just a reminder, tomorrow is my annual Valentine's Day Special! And since you all enjoy seeing them so much, like last year, this year the Valentine's Day Special couple is...Nightwing and Starfire!!!
Green Lantern - John Stewart
Hello everyone and as promised here is the first of my Black History Month Heroes:  John Stewart, AKA Green Lantern!  

An architect and former U.S. Marine, John Stewart was selected to be the next Green Lantern of Earth when Guy Gardner was injured in an accident that almost killed him.  As the first African-American Green Lantern, he was shown the ropes by none other than Hal Jordan, but his training as a Marine prepared him for most of what the Corps expected of him.  When Hal is off Earth and can't help out, John covers for him with Kilowog on the Justice League, and vice versa if Kilowog is training new recruits on Oa.  

For John's look as a GL, I was going with a combination of his look in Justice League Dark, and from the JLU cartoon series, hence the beard.  I also have him using a knife construct to honor his roots as a Marine.  

Disclaimer:  John Stewart belongs to DC Comics, Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams.  
Hey everybody! Sorry for the absence. I've recently got a full time job as a receptionist, so my drawing time is limited now, especially on Wednesdays, when I've got Japanese class at night till 9 PM. However, expect there to be a Valentine's Day Special of Nightwing and Starfire like last year, as well as John Stewart as Green Lantern, Herald and Vixen in honor of Black History Month.
Hey everybody!  

It's been a while since I did one of these.  Today, I am here to let you know that I am taking suggestions for what the design of Titans Academy's campus should be like so I can finally draw it out.  The building itself is a high school, and it runs a lot like the high schools in Japan do, only that the students and faculty all are in costume much of the time during the school days.  In the central courtyard is a statue of the original 7 founding members of the first Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven), as well as cherry blossom trees that bloom every spring.  The floor plans can be up to you guys, but generally speaking, I'm thinking there should be at least 3 floors.  There can also be on-campus housing on the mainland, in the form of beach houses that two students can share each, while Robin (Tim Drake) and his team of Titans get the privilege of staying in Titans Tower, only out of tradition.  There's even a memorial with statues of fallen Titans including Jericho, Terra (Tara Markov) the first Hawk and Dove and Jason Todd when he was still Robin.  

Anyway, feel free to lay down what ideas you have for me in notes and I'll consider them!  Pictures of specific floor plans would be nice too.  Thank you all so much!  


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I'm a big fan of DC Comics and anime, and that is reflected in my art. My feelings for the New 52 are mixed, but email me if you want to know my opinion on that. I've done some fanfic series set in the DC Universe that I'd be happy to share with those who ask. If you'd like to collab on something with me, then shoot me a message and let's see what we can come up with!

Thanks! Look forward to posting more art!

DISCLAIMER: All characters in the Art I post all belong to DC Comics. I own nothing!



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